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10 Best Books for Golfers

Jason Scott Deegan


"If you're a golfer like me who falls asleep reading another "can't-miss" golf tip -- but loves a good yarn -- then check out my 10 favorite golf books. They're good reads for you or great gifts for the golfer in your life."

Photo by Jason Scott Deegan

Stu Taylor Interviews Golf Addict Paul Laubach


A self-proclaimed "Golf Addict," Paul Laubach leads an unusual life. Listen to the interview below.

Stu Taylor Interviews Paul Laubach - Confessions of a Golfaholic
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Golfaholic races to play top 100 courses

Tod Leonard


There are those who like golf. There are those who love it. And then there is Paul Laubach.


Blissfully obsessed, good-naturedly compulsive, Laubach, a La Costa Resort member from Encinitas, has his own warning signs in his new book, “Confessions of a Golfaholic”:


If you can read a Stimpmeter; bonus points if you own one.


If you know how slope is calculated.


If the ringtone on your phone is the Masters theme...

Book Review: Confessions of a Golfaholic - A Guide to Playing America's Top 100 Public Golf Courses

American Golfer


Like most avid golfers, I’m interested in the “Best of ...” lists published by major golf magazines. Unlike most golfers, my opinion of courses currently has an influence on several of these lists, as I am a course rater. It’s a very cool gig for someone who loves the game and is interested in course architecture

How about a cooler gig - like playing each Top 100 course (according to GOLF Magazine’s2010 rankings) and writing a book about the experience? Paul Laubach did just that.

In what can only be considered a quick (if not envious) read for golf fans, “Confessions of a Golfaholic - A Guide to Playing America’s Top 100 Public Golf Courses” chronicles Laubach’s journey - from conception to completion.

Interview with Paul Laubach

Phil Hulett and Friends

Interview with Golf Addict Paul Laubach



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