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About the Author

Paul traveled around the nation to play all of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Golf Courses You Can Play. You might say he's a bit of a golf addict. 

Woohoo! Going to Play the Top 100 Golf Courses!

Paul Laubach is a 50 something obsessive, opinionated and “cheap” golf addict. He can usually be found strolling the fairways at La Costa Resort and Spa where he plays numerous rounds each year. He cannot reveal how many rounds as he wishes to hide this figure from his employer and wife (just one symptom of the addiction). His index generally falls between 5 and 7, suggesting occasional rounds in the 70’s. Mr. Laubach recently completed a 3.5 year chaotic journey to play all of Golf Magazines 2010 top 100 Golf Courses You Can Play. His foibles are chronicled in his book Confessions of a Golfaholic, A Guide to Playing America's Top 100 Public Golf Courses. He felt the need to complete some literary exercise to prove that his Ivy League undergraduate degree in English Literature was not a waste of time (his) or money (his father's). He resides in Encinitas, California with his wife Pat, who has been dragged along kicking and screaming to Pebble Beach, The Greenbrier, The Broadmoor, Kiowa Island, Hawaii, etc.

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