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Confessions of a Golfaholic Named

Golf Advisor

In June 2010 Paul Laubach made the unfortunate decision to play all of the top 100 golf courses available to the public per Golf Magazine. Spread over 45 months, he managed to complete his goal despite numerous weather, course maintenance and other logistical issues...not to mention his own “Senior Moment”. The journey covered 87,814 air miles and another 17,051 by automobile. During the trek he suffered two frozen shoulders, a bad lower back, golfers elbow (left) tennis elbow (right), three major sunburns, hundreds of mosquito bites, poison oak, plus numerous cuts and bruises chasing errant shots into the woods, desert and other prickly flora. None of this was as painful as the cost associated with losing 117 Pro V1’s. A confirmed golf addict and cheapskate he is now chronicling his adventures for his heirs (who will probably get nothing else as he wasted the estate on this boondoggle).


What could possibly be more exciting than listening to golf on the radio? Listening to an interview Paul Laubach did with Hole19 about his golfaholic adventures.


Planning a trip or wanting to live vicariously through a golf addict? Pour yourself a drink and play the audio to the right. 

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